Monday, February 4, 2013

Medieval Footman

My first venture into 40mm and Medievals. It isn't a period that has ever interested me much in terms of gaming but when I was a boy I had a near obsession with Robin Hood. I must have owed a dozen different collections of Robin Hood legends and my brother and I spent countless hours making bows out of local bamboo.

I was somewhat fortunate in that the Maine Historical Wargamers Association is holding their annual February games day in a week and one of the attendees is the producer of an excellent set of medieval rules called Day of Battle In order to get enough figures together in 40mm he took the unusual step of offering a free figure to anyone who would paint them. Free is my kind of price at the moment so I saddled up for my first 40mm adventure...

I think this guy would definitely make a worthy Guy of Gisborne or one of the Sheriff's other goons.

I must banish the thought of doing a Robin Hood skirmish campaign in 40mm...

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