Monday, May 4, 2009

Wood Elf Autumn Force Pt 1

It has been a long time since I've made any particularly concerted effort in terms of Warhammer. I've recently moved however and have the wonderful chance to put aside all the half finished projects festering in my closet and make a fresh start.

These Wood Elves are my first project. I had previously been adverse to collecting Wood Elves for a couple of reasons. I found the old models rather uninspiring and the ubiquitous green color schemes a little bit boring. That being said the new much more elfinn models and darker background has converted me. I decided to go with an autumn scheme for the chance to create a force that is a bit more unusual.

The backbone of this force is made up of 56 glade guard, two units of 18 archers and the balance deployed in two scout units.

Glade Guard

I used mostly browns and reds to create these models with yellows as a tertiary color. I did originally attempt to use orange to complete the colors of autumn but found it to be in general too much of a clash. I have completed my first thirty six archers and need only to complete the scouts to wind out my basic infantry.

I based these models with some home made flock. There is an excellent article on (link forthcoming) which explains how to make simple cheap and good looking flock. I made enough to do my entire army for the cost of a trip to a local woodworking shop and a couple of bottles of garden variety acrylic paint.

The banner (dubbed the pretzel banner by my not so adoring fans) is the concept for all the army banners, although given the skirmishing nature of wood elves there wont be all that many.