Sunday, January 29, 2012

Earth Reborn Progress 2

Somebody call for a doctor?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Earth Reborn Progress

Painting is proceeding at a furious pace as Damian will be here in something like two weeks now! Here are some of the nearly completed figures so far. They are still awaiting a final wash and seal with varnish that will take a little bit of the shine off them but this needs to be done in a batch so I have to wait until I'm completely finished to apply it.

Nick Bolter the leader of the Norad Faction - Hoping the final wash will cool the armor just a fraction.

Vaquez the busty sniper of the Norad faction, I must say this picture dosen't really do her justice.

Frank Eienstien Salemite Leader - This guy is EXACTLY as I want him so im a bit concerned that the wash might dull him more than I might like, still deciding if I should apply it.

Jack Saw - Crazy Lumberjack or out of control food processor? Bit of a white patch I missed under his bionic eye. Will be going back and doing this before I finish. Also starting to think about repainting the Salemite bionic eyes glowing green.

Cherokee Bill - Some sort of infiltrator/scout for the Salemites. Not super crazy about this model but it will have to do.

So that is the progress so far. Still have four more Salemites, and two Norad to put together. I do anticipate Ill be able to get all of this done on time although it may get a little dicey depending on my work schedule and the weather (in terms of sealing).

Also need to base my last few skaven and put my broken woodelves back together. (curse you for breathing you slackjawed idiots at Game Geeks who broke them.)

So, we should have Earth Reborn, Mordheim, Operation Squad and Warhammer Fantasy with Dark Elves, Wood Elves and Skaven all ready to go by the time Damian touches down. Time to check out my Mordhiem list and see if I can come up with a new way to counter skaven sling spam.... Actually scratch that, need to make Potato fritters then settle down and paint another Salemite.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Earth Reborn

Alright in blatant disregard for my historical theme, its time for a futuristic board game! This game has everything! Futuristic weapons, zombies, mad scientists, ninja engineers and giant mechwarrior type things.

Future video blogs about painting the minis are to follow as soon as I find the time/energy to paint and video them.