Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Bow Rake's Progress

I have recently made a shocking discovery. If I read about a particular period I am much more able to focus on projects in that period. This is particularly true for audiobooks so I can read and work at the same time. Want to paint some French knights? Listen to Barbara Tuchman's The Calamitous 14th Century. Want to paint some Vikings? Pop on Bernarld Cornwells Saxon series.  For my long running 28mm brig project I find Dewey Lambdin and Patrick O'Brien to be the ticket. I've made great progress after a long period of torpor and I am looking forward to finishing it off and starting the next ship in my planned series.

Sailing on the Arabian Sea 

This is the starter ship in a series of ships I am hoping to use in some Napoleonic naval skirmishing games. I've learned a tremendous amount from this prototype that will help me improve the next ship and hopefully produce something like a stage by stage.

We are run out on both sides! Either our captain is a genius or we are all going to die!

This brig is a converted merchantman so it dosent have a true gun deck. Although this collection of artillery does look rather formidable. I am still in two minds about adding shot garlands and artillery tools as if I clutter the deck up too much it will become difficult to move minis around on it. I will also add a midships hatch so the crew could theoretically access the holds.

The view from the forecastle

While I scratch-built the ship itself, I did go in for cannons, a ships wheel, an anchor and a figurehead.

Figurehead and wheel both from Redoubt Enterprises

So my brig is nearly ready to set sail. Final touches:

  • Attach anchor
  • Door to the great cabins
  • Hatch to below decks
  • Tighten sails
  • Spanker boom and sail
  • Taffrail lanterns
Hopefully this wont take too long to finish off!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Loki's 2nd Aniversary Give Away

I just discovered this blog by a link to this competition and I sorry I didnt stumble across it sooner!

I encourage anyone with an interest in wargaming (presumabley anyone who might ever discover this blog) to check it out!