Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Super Dungeon Explore

Today I managed to break my usual pattern and get some gaming in. I got together at the local games store with my friend John and a few other guys to play a game. Unfortunately we were all a little pressed for time due to work/family and we couldn't really enjoy it as much as we might like.

We played a board game called Super Dungeon Explore. It was a very simple and extremely awesome game. The aim of it is to loot a dungeon and destroy the monster spawning points inside. Players take the roles of fairly standard heroes (we had a mage, a druid, a ranger and a barbarian) and one player takes the role of the dungeon.

The game had a great anime aesthetic that worked really well. The figures themselves were awesome and I am thinking I might try to pick up a copy to paint and play. I might even see if I can tax my finances sufficiently to back the kick-starter for the upcoming expansion pack.

This was my first game but it was super simple to pick up. This was not the dungeon masters first game however and we all died horribly after two hours of great fun and utter hilarity.

The stand out line of the day had to be: "Be a man and sparkle burst that shit!"

I apologize that the photos are so bad, all I had to hand was my old ipod touch.

The mage in battle

The druid fleeing the oncoming horde

Uh guys, is there a dragon behind us...

The enemy break our defense and pour through the gap

The Oppo

This isn't what it looks like

My character, the ember mage, dead before her time

Our druid (John) holds back the tide (briefly)

Friday, July 4, 2014

A New Hope?

So, I will admit it has been many months since I have done anything with this blog. For the past year I have been working forty hours a week plus studying for another forty hours in order to finish my degree. This hasn't left much time for optional activities, like say, hobbies, or seeing my family, or sleeping. Fortunately the worst may now be behind us! I have finally finished my degree and am in the mood for some serious gaming!

I've recently been tricked by parties who shall remain nameless into getting into DropZone Commander. Pictures of my progress there will be forth coming but I thought I would start with some stuff I finished a while ago and never got a chance to post.

Mordheim. All right thinking people struggle between this and Battlefleet Gothic as their favorite GW game. But like so many others when I looked at Mordheim I thought to myself, self, you know what this needs? Khemri. So when the expansion for that came out I was personally delighted and hatched a plan to build an elaborate system of underground tombs to fight in.

Like most plans this one was heavy on the ambition and failed to factor in time, money and difficulty. Fortunately some of these have now been overcome and I have finally started work.

This is the first room I have created. The idea is to make them all on tiles so they can be slotted together by a random number generator as exploration continues. 

Progress on this particular project has been slow, but hopefully it will pick up now that I have some more free time!