Monday, November 14, 2011

Return of the Chindits

I finally managed to get a few decent photos of my second installment of Chindits. My own camera is on the fritz and insists on bathing everything in a creepy golden light so these are courtesy of my friend Wayne, who, despite terrible lighting, managed to take some great pictures at a recent game.

So without any further fanfare...

Radio Op


2 Inch Mortar

Assistant Mortarman to the Stars

SGT with Thompson

SGT with M1 Carbine

Burmese Scout

Burmese Scout

This rounds out my Chindit force for now (YAY!) I enjoyed painting them immensely, the sculpts were great and came out looking wonderful. We have recently started to experiment with vehicle rules so I may have to add some anti tank chindits to completely finish the squad. And a flamethrower, I definitely need a flame thrower…

Incidentally I have led my Chindits into battle against the Japanese and victory was mine, despite some desperate fighting with Bayonets.