Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Resurrecting This Blog! - The Six Month Plan.

Resurrecting This Blog! The Six Month Plan.

I haven't posted on this blog since 2009. I somewhat naively started it in the hospital while my wife was recovering from the birth of our daughter. Six months of colic and a year of sleeplessness gobbled up most of the rest of the intervening two years. I've also been extremely busy with work and school (these factors will continue) but I have recently been motivated to take up the toy sword once again.

I've decided to shift my focus to historical gaming rather than Games Workshops 40k and Fantasy. Although fantasy at least will probably still appear from time to time my interest in it just isn't as intense as historical gaming. I have been a huge history buff all my life and I think combining this passion with my passion for painting and gaming will go along way into keeping me focused.

In a similar vein I hope that posting on this blog will keep me focused and force me to stay on task rather than changing course with every idle fantasy and leaving me with dozens of half completed projects.

In the real world I am just about to buy a house (fingers crossed) and a lot of my time is going to be taken up by packing and moving and working on the new place. This means that my gaming and painting time is likely to be somewhat limited so I want to set out a six month plan so I can make the most of what small time I have.

The Six Month Plan:

1) Family, house, school and work!!

2) Complete a 16th century Spanish pike and shot army, this will double nicely as an Estilean themed Empire army for fantasy.

3) Complete a small WW2 Australian Infantry force for Operation Squad. This seems to be the game of choice of the group of gamers I've recently made contact with and looks like a lot of fun.

4) Connect with the historical gaming community in the area. I've recently discovered a group of historical gamers who gather at the gaming club just a few miles from my house. I'm looking forward to meeting these guys and doing a bit more gaming and making a few friends.

5) Paint and sell my Brettonians, my imperial guard and maybe my Wood Elves. The Wood Elves are contingent on me finishing my Spanish however because I need to have at least two Fantasy armies complete when my best friend comes from Australia to visit me next year.

6) Keep posting here.

This is an extremely modest goal but then again I managed one post in the past 2 years…

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