Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dark Elves

I finally manage to take some decent photos!  These Dark Elves have been an ongoing project of mine for the last 18 months or so. I orginally bought them for my friend Damian back in 2004 when I was in England so its only taken me 7 years to get them all painted. The spearmen in particular have a storied past having survived a car wreck back in 2010 when I was on my way to my local game store.

The add up to about 2000 pts a pretty standard size for a Warhammer army. I have thought about selling them on a number of occasions but because they sort of belong to Damian I have held off. I also need to make sure I have at least two armies so we can play when he comes to visit. I've been trying to get 2000 points of skaven done for him but it seems unlikely that will happen before the next visit in feb-march. Although I should put together some sort of army list so I know what I need to aim for.

All in all im trying to avoid staring any more Warhammer projects for now so I can focus on my historicals. I may work a little more on the Skaven if I can finish up my other projects by the end of the year.

The aforementioned spearmen survivors of my poor driving. Its proably more miraculous that in the 2 years it took to paint them none were lost or eaten by my children.

My first unit of cold ones, I was inspired by Gila monsters to go for the orange and black rather than the more traditional green. Alot of these were bought second hand hand had to be stripped and repainted.

My second unit of cold ones, this is actually intended to act as a bodyguard for my general.

Malus Darkblade Esquire

Morathi, not the greatest photo, I had originally intended to do the base as a pentecal of purple flame but I whimped out.

A scorceress lightly converted.

A rather breastly sorceress I think this is convereted from a warmachine fig but im damned if I can remember. I'd kind of like to change the base and have her standing over the dead dark elf from the Tyrion model to represent the sacrifical dagger however the larger base would be awkward for game play.

Repeater crossbowmen, greatest warhammer unit ever. I have two units of these but I misplaced the pic of the other one.

Corsairs, I wish I had another dozen of these, in the two games we played this small unit never made it to combat.
The Bolt Thrower, the one unit of this army I was unsatisfied with, It just looks a bit sloppy for some reason.

I really wish I had though to take a picture of the whole army when I did this. Well perhaps when we play in february I can get a shot of them as a whole.  If I had the time money and energy id add 10 mor corsairs, a unit of dark riders and a unit of black guard. Perhaps that will motivate me to finish my pike and shot....

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