Friday, March 21, 2014

Battlefleet Gothic Planets

My grand plans for a BFG campaign tragically fell through due to a combination of work, school and poverty. I am, however going forward to finish the collection!

Here are a few planets I have been working on. Both are intended to be earth like and are made out of simple styrofoam spheres, sealed with PVA and then spray painted and finished with acrylics. I went with an oil based gloss varnish to give them some depths and a shiny finish. One of them I coated half the sphere with Nuln Oil was and then painted lights to represent major cities.


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  2. Great idea, and great result! Nice blog too :-)

  3. Hey man, thanks for following my blog! You have quite a nice one yourself, so I'm returning the favor!

    I really like the idea of including a night side to planets. It's really quite an obvious bit of realism that simply didn't occur to me, and that I haven't seen anywhere else. Brilliant.

  4. WOW, What an amazing work on the planets! I really love it a lot!. Your Battle fleet stuff are really cool!

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