Monday, August 19, 2013

Battle Mat and Ork Concept

Progress in the shipyard has been slow this month. I've had my parents here to visit and most of my time has been taken up touring around and playing golf. Now that they have jetted off for warmer climbs I need to make the most of the time before the fall semester from hell (tm) begins to eat up my time.

I have been steadily acquiring ships via ebay. The Imperial Flotilla is already completes and I have about 30% of the ork vessels.

I have an orc ship done with my planned paint scheme in outline (no highlights or shadowing) just to see if it would work.

I kind of like it although I think it will benefit alot from some highlighting.

I have also acquired an excellent battlemat. I experimented with a lot of ideas to try and do it cheaply. Eventually I stumbled upon a thread on Boardgame Geek which suggested a vinyl banner. It turns out that a site like will print a photo on vinyl quite cheaply. I took a high def Hubble space telescope photo and had it printed at 4 x 8 ft.

Although it suffers a little from being blown up so much I still think it looks great, particularly at the low low price of $40. It also has the added attraction of being very easy to transport to the club or wherever. I take no responsibility for those strange alien creatures.

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