Monday, July 1, 2013

It is Loot Loot Loot That Makes the Boys Get up and Shoot

So I happened by my local games store on the weekend and they were having a huge sale on all their old books, boardgames and various sundrys.

All of this for under 20 bucks!
3 copies of Inferno
Warhammer Rule book
Skaven Army Book
Orcs and Goblins Army book
Fading Suns RPG
Adventure (Pulp Era) RPG
Mystic China (no idea what it is but it looked cool)
Mystery on the Nile board game (somewhat like a hyped up version of Cluedo review to follow)
Lord of The Rings themed Tarot cards

Suffice to say the poverty stricken gamer traped inside my poverty striken body couldn't be happier! Im taking an intensive course right now and dont have time to read but soon that will be over and ill be able to tuck up with a cup of tea and enjoy!

Also on an unrelated note Bacon muffins:

Tired of eating bacon and eggs with a fork? Try Bacon muffins 100% bacon egg and cheese

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